• Question: How do I care for my hair daily while it's in box braids? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    You must take care of your real hair underneath the fake hair when you have braids or twists with extensions of any kind. So do what you usually do with your hair. 


    Spray your braids with a moisturizing spray. Possibly every 3 days or when you feel your hair is dry. Oil your scalp and let a little oil run through the braids to seal in the moisture.

    Tie up your hair at night and sleep on a silky pillowcase. 

    Shampoo and condition every week or every 2 weeks. Hair likes water. And also if you don’t wash your hair will smell. Make sure you wash the scalp and squeeze the rest of the product throughout the legnth of the braid. Be careful not to ruffle up your braids. Let it air dry. If you can’t wait that long then blot your braids with an only shirt. Make sure your redo any braids that don’t look good.

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It took me a long time to figure out a successful detangling method for my hair. I have used wide tooth combs in the past and they worked well for me, but I have found that finger detangling causes me the least amount of breakage and doesn’t take a lot of time.

I always detangle on damp hair, wet with a spray bottle with water. I also add a mix of coconut oil and a detangling conditioner (currently using ‘Luv Naturals Don’t Be So Clingy’) as needed. I detangle my hair working in sections, about 10 sections on my whole head.

There are three main things I do when finger detangling -

  • Separating the strands - This is the first thing I do to separate any parts of my hair that are clumped together. This gets rid of the big tangles. I don’t separate each strand individually, but i try to work through as small sections as possible. 
  • Pulling out the shed hair - After I have gotten most of the knots out, the next step is to pull on the ends of my hair to remove any shed hair. This is really important because shed hair gets caught up in my strands and is the main cause of breakage for me.
  • Finger combing - Only after I have removed the major knots, I will use my fingers as a comb and rake through my hair. Generally, after completing the first two steps my fingers will go right through. This step helps me feel for any smaller knots which I can then try to unravel.

That is basically it! Finger detangling may seem daunting when you first try it but once you get the hang of it it doesn’t take much time at all and the amount of hair you loose will be significantly smaller. I definitely attribute my ability to retain my length to finger detangling.

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The struggle.


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