Factors affecting hair growth:

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Hormones
  • Drugs
  • Hairstyles and hair care practices and other things we do mechanically or chemically 

How long will my hair grow?

Everyone has a different maximum length his or her hair can grow. This is determined by the duration of the anagen phase, which can be 2-7 years. During this time hair will grow ¼ inch - ½ inch a month. After which the hair will pass through the catagen and telogen phase resulting in a shed hair and replacement by another hair. The longer the anagen phase the longer the hair will have time to grow before it ends its life cycle. Each hair strand is at a different stage of the hair cycle hence you should never have patches of hair missing. Review theHair growth cycle. The hair lifespan is measured by time not length

Hair care practices and styling can be gentle or damaging. Most people are into the harmful practice of blow drying, dyeing, heat and/or chemical straightening and/or curling, scrubbing with harsh shampoos, towels drying etc.

Hair is dead and it cannot be healed once physical damage is done. There is no miracle product! Damaged hair splits and breaks easily and will not grow as long as healthy hair.  Split ends can be minimized with gentle care techniques. Use non-snagging or tearing hair accessories

 Haircuts and trims

Cutting ends DOES NOT affect the roots of hair (where hair grows). It DOES NOT make your hair grow faster or prevent hair from growing. What cutting really does is cut off some of the time from its life cycle. Because of haircuts or trims some people reach a false maximum of hair growth length, when really their hair has maxed out its anagen phase.

Nutrient deficiency

  • Hair is a good indication of overall health.
  • Pregnant women have lots of hormones and boosts of prenatal vitamins and healthier diets hence their hair grows faster than usual.
  • Eating disorders, diets deficiency in zinc can cause splitting hair
  • Lack of A and E makes hair become dry and poorly conditioned, contributing to breakage
  • Lack of iron (anemia) can cause dry hair and hair loss
  • Lack of selenium, biotin and folic acid contribute to poor hair growth

NEXT: How to create an optimal environment for  hair growth

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